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Stunning designs in just minutes? Yes, please!

Introducing my favorite new design platform: Kittl

I've used Canva for YEARS to design literally thousands of graphics, postcards, business cards, stickers, and a variety of other assets - originally for my handmade skincare business, but more recently to create my Etsy print on demand shop that now has over 900 listings. It's definitely been my jam for its ease of use.

Buuuut, while it does a lot of things VERY well and with simplicity, it does lack a lot of functionality when it comes to creating more unique and complex designs. That's why, in some of my latest videos, I've started introducing Kittl - a relatively newer design platform that has been steadily growing since 2020.

See that t-shirt on the right in the video thumbnail above? Yah…Canva can't come close to touching that. And in today's fast-paced, trend-driven environment when selling on Etsy, having an extra edge when it comes to designing can really help set you apart from the crowd.


Now let me also say that I have no intention of leaving Canva anytime soon. I use it for business assets, branding, batching mockups, and so much more.


Having recently started diving more and more into Kittl, I am blown away by the capabilities that it possesses. Capabilities that you'd normally need something like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to handle (which, by the way, has a very steep learning curve and a hefty price tag). Think: textured designs, advanced text transformations, DPI that you can control (aka resolution), and more. It's a designer's dream, but done in a way that feels accessible enough to allow folks like you and me to easily be able to create STUNNING designs in just minutes.


One of the biggest print on demand mistakes that I see, particularly for new sellers, is poor design. It doesn't matter how glorious your SEO game is - if your designs are poor or aren't relevant to your target audience, the hard truth is that they will not sell.

Now to be clear - we all start out as beginners. My first designs....were NOT winners. But you do need to eventually learn to up-level your design skills and learn what works and what doesn't in order for your shop to grow and thrive. This is where I find that Kittl can really expedite this process, because you can take a relatively simple concept, start with a Kittl template (or from scratch), and in no time have a stunning design that looks like it took a ton of time and skill to make.

Want to walk through the process of finding a bestseller and creating your own variation in Kittl? I took a deep dive into the Father's Day Niche in the video below.

To make your own design seen in the video using my template:

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Cheering you on!


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